Friday, 24 July 2009

Get off that bike Batman... Orbs in town!!

First things first I had a great relaxing hol with Turnip and once I returned I began work on DC's Batman on his Batcycle and Hitman. I'll start with Batman's MMO and I went for a guy who rides a bike a fair bit and he is an enemy of Ghost Rider... It's Orb!

Orb on a Bike

As you can see I also changed Batman's bike. I mean does Orb ride a Batcycle? So I made the bike with more of an 80's look. I added an exhaust, front and rear lights etc...


The next DC figurine out last week was Hitman. Not a great pose I thought but I wanted to do something different with him by turning him into a character from the MU with the same name... So Hitman from DC became Hitman from the MU.

HitmanFront view

Finally this is one custom I did just before I went away and this is Darkhawk:


Thanks again for viewing/commenting and keep an eye out for my next scratch build and also the next DC victim... Batgirl!

With my other customs

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Ace Customs vs. Eaglemoss Publications

Today my blog is one year old! So I thought I'd show you all the next stage in my customs. This is going to be my creations (Scratch Builds) vs figurines from Eaglemoss. The first one I have done is featuring my Shuma-Gorath and Eaglemosses Dr. Strange!

Dr.Strange vs. Shuma-Gorath

Dr.Strange and Shuma-Gorath are mortal enemies so I thought how about a vs custom! A proper one with them interacting with one another. I of course gave Dr. Strange a re-paint and made a little battle damage on him and also showed him using some of his power against Shuma-Gorath.

Dr. Strange

I also wanted to show Shuma-Gorath showing off some of his powers! So if you look you can see two of his tentacles are laced in stone! Which is a move he uses in the Marvel vs. Capcom games. I also wanted to show him phasing one of his tentacles into the ground towards the direction of Doctor Strange.


Shuma-Gorath may not look much of a threat but he is one of the most Powerful villains in the MU! Being the ruler of the Chaos Dimension sees him with eminence power! The reason why I make Shuma-Gorath alot is for 2 reasons. Number 1: He's my fave oddball character in the MU and number 2: He's my most requested/searched character I have ever produced. Only 2nd to the Brood scratch build. So expect to see Shuma-Gorath again...

The battle begins

I'm going to do another Ace vs. custom in the near future but not before I finish my next scratch build... He's a Biggy!!! I'd just like to thank all the fans/people out there who have helped and supported me and my work over the past year! I would never have gotten this far without you all! So thank you.

Finally next week I'll show you Hitman's fate along with a marvel character riding Batman's bike!!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rise of a Marvel Zombie!!

Bizarro is the latest DC figurine to face a makeover from myself and for him I had two people in mind..One a cosmic Zombie and the other for the Universe of Marvel Zombies... Wanting to save Bizarro's cloak I went for the Marvel Zombie option and what better character to do other than the Hero who started the Zombie virus... Zombie Sentry.

Zombie SentrySide

I showed this custom to my Dad and he suggested adding Sentry holding a head... So I thought what a quality idea and I added the head of Ms. Marvel!

Even closer

The following figurine is a customer piece for Jacadoo who is a quality guy and a top support of my customs. I made his fave hero: Acroyear!

AcroyearShot 2

This next photo was sent to be by Graham Cherry and it shows Living Tribunal in his new home. You can also see two more of my customs: Tenebrous & The Inbetweener.

Living Tribunal

Again sorry to people who watched me paint as I didn't see and couldn't all the questions. But here was one: Q: How do you tone a face? A: Well I use a mixture of 3 paints (Games workshop)... Bestial Brown, Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh. I start dark (drybrushing from a black base) so Bestial Brown goes on first, then I drybrush on Dwarf Flesh and finished off with an average mix of Elf Flesh! I find to understand toning/highlighting you have to understand what colours mix well and which colours compliment the colours that surround it.

The next DC figurine to face the MMO is Hitman! But you have to wait a little longer to see who he becomes as I am away for a week with my GF (Turnip). But as soon as I'm back I'll Begin transforming Hitman!


What's going on here..... Why does Shuma-Gorath looked stressed!?! Find out in an automatic post on the anniversary of this blog: 16/07/2009.....

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

From Hero to Zero!

I'd like to start this post on the recent Web Cam live painting feed I did last Sunday afternoon. I'd like to thank the 13 people who joined me during my 14 min drybrush session I did on Guardian. So hopefully me doing this wil put further acusations from SHFF to rest! - We shall see!!

Live cam painting!

I wanted to do a simple paint job for my first webcam feed as I was a tad nervous as I didn't know what to expect. but I enjoyed it and as I said on the feed Guardian was fully clayed up (face and a re-mold of his left arm) and had his first base paint colour on him (Black)... As the feed went on I answered peoples questions and turned Guardian into Zero! An enemy of the X-Men. The videos can be seen here: - What do you think about me doing another one? This time I'll talk to you. Be easier for me.

ZeroZero from the side

The next custom I did this week was a Buffy Figurine MMO and it was the turn of Angel! I saw a top looking guy in the form of Dr. Aaron Stack aka: Machine Man or X51 (That's where I got the X51 from in my old username).

Aaron Stack: X51Side view

And the last figurine I did this week for a DC to Marvel conversion version 2 and the base figurine I used again was Black Adam... Last time I used him I turned him into Fusion but this time he is the crazed Kronos.

KronosSide view

Later in the week I'll share a new commission with you as well as the fate of Bizarro from DC! So stay tuned and let me know what you all think about more custom 'live' videos.