Thursday, 16 July 2009

Ace Customs vs. Eaglemoss Publications

Today my blog is one year old! So I thought I'd show you all the next stage in my customs. This is going to be my creations (Scratch Builds) vs figurines from Eaglemoss. The first one I have done is featuring my Shuma-Gorath and Eaglemosses Dr. Strange!

Dr.Strange vs. Shuma-Gorath

Dr.Strange and Shuma-Gorath are mortal enemies so I thought how about a vs custom! A proper one with them interacting with one another. I of course gave Dr. Strange a re-paint and made a little battle damage on him and also showed him using some of his power against Shuma-Gorath.

Dr. Strange

I also wanted to show Shuma-Gorath showing off some of his powers! So if you look you can see two of his tentacles are laced in stone! Which is a move he uses in the Marvel vs. Capcom games. I also wanted to show him phasing one of his tentacles into the ground towards the direction of Doctor Strange.


Shuma-Gorath may not look much of a threat but he is one of the most Powerful villains in the MU! Being the ruler of the Chaos Dimension sees him with eminence power! The reason why I make Shuma-Gorath alot is for 2 reasons. Number 1: He's my fave oddball character in the MU and number 2: He's my most requested/searched character I have ever produced. Only 2nd to the Brood scratch build. So expect to see Shuma-Gorath again...

The battle begins

I'm going to do another Ace vs. custom in the near future but not before I finish my next scratch build... He's a Biggy!!! I'd just like to thank all the fans/people out there who have helped and supported me and my work over the past year! I would never have gotten this far without you all! So thank you.

Finally next week I'll show you Hitman's fate along with a marvel character riding Batman's bike!!


Ninty said...

hey dude, I feel bad for your no comments so heres mine to cheer you up lol

That is frickin sweet dude no other words I can use to desribe how great that looks. If these are what your doing now as well as your other customs then hell, I will look forward to seeing who else you have up your sleeve.

Cant wait to see Batbike and how you make the crappy hitman look great.

Mark Taylor said...

I have to use ninty's expression... frickin sweet mate!

Turnip said...

This is amazing!! Your stuff is so inventive and different compared to everyone else, you always create exciting customs & i always look forward to seeing them!! I have no idea why you haven't got more comments! Can't wait for the next customs. Turnip xx

Ninty said...

I thought the same thing turnip as this one is awesome as hell and it has so little feedback.

I still like it though, kinda makes me want a GL vs Sinestro one now :P

James said...

No feedback can be a good thing haha! Cheers for the comments you 3. really glad you like him - them

~P~ said...

Thanks for keeping me notified of these SHUMA GORATH customs.

I LOVE what you did with this one!
The "action" being shown is fantastic.

Besides being jealous that I have zero time (and possibly little ability) to do the same, I am also stoked to see someone doing cool stuff like this!

Like you, SHUMA GORATH is my all-time favorite baddie, made ever more so because of his status as Doctor Strange's ultimate nemesis.

But, even if he weren't, how could you NOT love a mystical, cosmic cyclopean cephalopod?

You do this Dr. Strange fan (and fellow artist) proud.

Keep up with the good work!

James said...

Hey ~P~ really glad you like him and always great to hear from a fellow Shuma fan. Have you ever played Marvel vs capcom or the games in that series? Shuma is nails as a playable character in that.

Thanks again for commenting. Hope your all good

Gorathman05 said...

Massive fan of shuma-gorath and now a big fan of your work. Great to find fellow fans of the one eyed wonder lol

James said...

Hello Gorathman. Glad a fellow Shuma-Gorath fan likes the way I show some love to a not so well known villain. Thanks all for the comments

jimbob said...

Again amazing work!!

This work shows that aything is possible for you.

Cant wait to see your next work!