Wednesday, 1 July 2009

From Hero to Zero!

I'd like to start this post on the recent Web Cam live painting feed I did last Sunday afternoon. I'd like to thank the 13 people who joined me during my 14 min drybrush session I did on Guardian. So hopefully me doing this wil put further acusations from SHFF to rest! - We shall see!!

Live cam painting!

I wanted to do a simple paint job for my first webcam feed as I was a tad nervous as I didn't know what to expect. but I enjoyed it and as I said on the feed Guardian was fully clayed up (face and a re-mold of his left arm) and had his first base paint colour on him (Black)... As the feed went on I answered peoples questions and turned Guardian into Zero! An enemy of the X-Men. The videos can be seen here: - What do you think about me doing another one? This time I'll talk to you. Be easier for me.

ZeroZero from the side

The next custom I did this week was a Buffy Figurine MMO and it was the turn of Angel! I saw a top looking guy in the form of Dr. Aaron Stack aka: Machine Man or X51 (That's where I got the X51 from in my old username).

Aaron Stack: X51Side view

And the last figurine I did this week for a DC to Marvel conversion version 2 and the base figurine I used again was Black Adam... Last time I used him I turned him into Fusion but this time he is the crazed Kronos.

KronosSide view

Later in the week I'll share a new commission with you as well as the fate of Bizarro from DC! So stay tuned and let me know what you all think about more custom 'live' videos.


jimbob said...

Fantastic work mate!!!!!!!!!!

Shame i missed your video!

Symbiote Sam said...

I watched you for awhile mate. Real interesting and you paint pretty dam fast!!!!!

Very quality work, well presented and still very original

Ninty said...

Well I missed you aswell, will watch you next time if you do another one.

Those look good dude keep up the great work, got to update my blog

Mark Taylor said...

Zero is very smart! He's my fave of the three.

Might have to add one to my collection. When will commissions re-open?

James said...

Hey guys! Glad you all like the latest 3. I can't wait to show off Bizarro's Marvel makeover!!! I'm dead happy how he has turned out.

As for customer pieces. I won't be taking anymore for the time being as I'm away on my hols soon. But I will let you all know when I re-open.

P.S: I was real happy the video went so well and real glad I proved the people wrong who accused me wooo :D