Friday, 24 July 2009

Get off that bike Batman... Orbs in town!!

First things first I had a great relaxing hol with Turnip and once I returned I began work on DC's Batman on his Batcycle and Hitman. I'll start with Batman's MMO and I went for a guy who rides a bike a fair bit and he is an enemy of Ghost Rider... It's Orb!

Orb on a Bike

As you can see I also changed Batman's bike. I mean does Orb ride a Batcycle? So I made the bike with more of an 80's look. I added an exhaust, front and rear lights etc...


The next DC figurine out last week was Hitman. Not a great pose I thought but I wanted to do something different with him by turning him into a character from the MU with the same name... So Hitman from DC became Hitman from the MU.

HitmanFront view

Finally this is one custom I did just before I went away and this is Darkhawk:


Thanks again for viewing/commenting and keep an eye out for my next scratch build and also the next DC victim... Batgirl!

With my other customs


Turnip said...

Hello mr, super stuff as always, Orb is awesome! I love what you've done with the bike! I actually can't remember if you've told me what you're next scratch build is so I'm looking forward to it! Turnip xx

Ninty said...

hey dude,

wouldnt guss that used to be batbike, orb looks great now you need ghostrider on bike to go with him lol.

Darkhawk and hitman look cool too, but Orb steals the show.

Bobbyvjay said...

Are you sure you have been on holiday? looks like you been working hard. Very nice work. Not to keen on Hitman as a character but like the other two alot.

James said...

Cheers guys and Gal ;) - I got back from hol last friday eve and got straight to work on bats bike and Hitman (Hitman aint my fave either both as a custom and as a villain in the comics) But he's alright

As for Darkhawk I did him before I went and sculpting his helmet felt like I was sculpting a helmet for Masterchief!

Gorathman05 said...

The best darn Darkhawk custom I've seen in this series!!!! Outstanding work mate and really really like what you have done to the Batman bike. Orb looks fantastic

steve104364 said...

Wow Orb looks great as I said on the forum Ace, the paint job is top quality, stars are a pain to paint consistantly, wouldn't of thought that used to be Batman thought. Hitman and Darkhawk are great gigs also Ace. Keep the quality figs up

Carnage85 said...

Ace!! I'm lovin' your customs. You're still one of the most consistant and original figurine creators out there in this series.

Darkhawk and Orb are fantastic. Orb is a new character to me but fabulous none the less

Marvelbeast said...

Love Orb and Darkhawk loads. Orb because he must have been bloody hard to do on that bike and Darkhawk because I really like the Amalgam characters.

It's really, really unlikely that we'll ever get the AMalgam characters in either the DCHC or CMFC so it's great to see how they'd look if we could have them in our collections.

Because you're so talented at making customs and scratch builds your work looks as good as any "real" figurine. Sometimes even better, but don't tell EM I said that ;)

OK, so are you gonna try to make the Wonder Woman/Storm Amalgam character, "Amazon"? I think she'd look awesome and if anyone could do it, you could!

I'm hoping that somehow EM do release ALL of the main Amalgam characters someday. I guess that because of the licenses that they won't be able to though but if DC and Marvel released the chracters together maybe they'd allow them to be made.

I do think that your work might sway EM to consider characters that they might not have thought of making before :)

Sorry for the long post but I've been bad at posting lately, so I thought I'd make up for it :)

Marvelbeast said...

I forgot to ask but how many figurines do you buy every month? It must be LOADS. Ooops is Turnip supposed to know how much they cost ;)

Only kidding, I know she enjoys your customs.

James said...

Hey Marvelbeast! Good to hear from you. In my next update which should be tomorrow (As Batgirl is finished) I got a big piece about your Super-team! So look out for that :D

Really glad you like both Orb and Darkhawk and as for Amalgam characters I will get onto sorting an Amazon very soon.

As for the figurines I get my Marvel subscription every month along with every two weeks I pick up a DC figurine to customise. So it dosen't cost too much. Only costs abit when specials are released...

James said...

Also mate thanks for the kind words. I hope some of the stuff I do does influence EM into trying new stuff and poses. Like I'd love them to do a sculpt like my Brood or Dark Phoenix