Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rise of a Marvel Zombie!!

Bizarro is the latest DC figurine to face a makeover from myself and for him I had two people in mind..One a cosmic Zombie and the other for the Universe of Marvel Zombies... Wanting to save Bizarro's cloak I went for the Marvel Zombie option and what better character to do other than the Hero who started the Zombie virus... Zombie Sentry.

Zombie SentrySide

I showed this custom to my Dad and he suggested adding Sentry holding a head... So I thought what a quality idea and I added the head of Ms. Marvel!

Even closer

The following figurine is a customer piece for Jacadoo who is a quality guy and a top support of my customs. I made his fave hero: Acroyear!

AcroyearShot 2

This next photo was sent to be by Graham Cherry and it shows Living Tribunal in his new home. You can also see two more of my customs: Tenebrous & The Inbetweener.

Living Tribunal

Again sorry to people who watched me paint as I didn't see and couldn't all the questions. But here was one: Q: How do you tone a face? A: Well I use a mixture of 3 paints (Games workshop)... Bestial Brown, Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh. I start dark (drybrushing from a black base) so Bestial Brown goes on first, then I drybrush on Dwarf Flesh and finished off with an average mix of Elf Flesh! I find to understand toning/highlighting you have to understand what colours mix well and which colours compliment the colours that surround it.

The next DC figurine to face the MMO is Hitman! But you have to wait a little longer to see who he becomes as I am away for a week with my GF (Turnip). But as soon as I'm back I'll Begin transforming Hitman!


What's going on here..... Why does Shuma-Gorath looked stressed!?! Find out in an automatic post on the anniversary of this blog: 16/07/2009.....


Carnage85 said...

Sentry is outstanding!!!!

jimbob said...

Fanatic sculpt there mate!

I love the Zombies series!

I hope you do alot more of these in the future!

And thatks for Rogue!I love it!

Turnip said...

Well you have been busy!!! Sentrys great love that its such a unique custom, good idea of ur dads to add him holding a head! I watched the live feed of course and go u it must have been scary but the custom turned out great! xxx

James said...

Glad she arrived in one piece jimbob. Customs are so fragile and turnip I'm soo glad your back :D xxx

Can't wait to show you my new range of scratch builds with a difference! And yup Shuma-Gorath starts the new series off haha!

Symbiote Sam said...

INSANE! Sentry is full of awesomeness

Marvelbeast said...

Love Sentry! Brilliant.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of your display. When I see them all together, your work stands out more because it fits in so well. If that makes sense?

Sorry I've not posted for a while but I've been popping in and keeping up.

Beautiful and quality work as always. Your imagination is fantastic, I've never been able to guess yet who your going to turn a figure into.

Keep it up!

skirata_24 said...

Oh. My. God!

The Marvel Zombie Sentry is AWESOME!

Excellent work, my friend!