Friday, 7 August 2009

Bring me the Soul Drinker...

My next scratch build started life as a head base for Fing Fang Foom. But I realised that this mould looked like a creature I first saw in the 90's X-Men Animated series: The Soul Drinker.

He begins!

For the animated series The Soul Drinker was re-named the Spirit Drinker. So for this scratch build I took aspects from both incarnations making my own Soul Drinker. He's very random looking but I'm very happy with how he has turned out.

Soul DrinkerSide

Fing Fang Foom is my next scratch project - But I'm taking my time with him. So expect some more scratch builds inbetween.Whether I do Fing Fang Foom in his original look or his more modern black look I'm not decided yet. But photos will be up in the not too distant future. Also thanks to all the challengers on Marvel vs. Capcom 2..... Luckly I wasn't beaten so I didn't have to make any customs haha!


Symbiote Sam said...

WTF!!! LOL that is a mad custom. really nicely done though and another unknown to your collection. Keep up the good work

Hawkeye#1 said...

Haha looks very scary Ace, thought they were legs sticking out at first.
Very random but very good mate.

Marvelbeast said...

Love the effect in the eyes and mouth, the colours are very vivd and stand out really well.

Have you nearly run out of the Marvel bases that you were given by Richard from EM because he liked your work? It must be a shame to have to buy figurines just to get more bases, do you think that EM would let customisers buy some bases? Maybe they would if someone asked.

James said...

Cheers guys haha! yeah he's a random character. DO any of you remember him form the X-men cartoon? He was also given one eye in the animated series... Anyways I ran out of his bases about a month ago Marvelbeast and I've not been able to get intouch with him since... SHFF had a helping hand in that. Which is rubbish/childish!

I've hopefully got some bases lined up though. So fingers crossed I get them all ok

Turnip said...

That is very crazy but good!!! x