Saturday, 1 August 2009

Move over Batgirl... I'm Nosferata!!!

It's been along time since I last did a female MMO. And in true form I'm still taking on every figurine in the DC range. This week was Batgirl! Only one Marvel heroine stands out for me and that was Nosferata: The She Bat!


Also this week I got around to finishing the fantasy heroine team thought up by a top follower and Friend of this blog: Marvelbeast. In the past I have made The English Rose & African Violet for his team but now the final member can join the ranks... This is The Japanese Lilly.

Japanese LillySide

As you can see from the poster below all 3 of Marvelbeasts heroines could easy pass as the deal in the superhero world.

Marvelbeasts Team

That's it! Next time be sure to see the fate of Guy Gardener and also keep a look out for my 10th scratch build which is my most random yet. All coming soon!


Symbiote Sam said...

Another unique custom to your name ace. Great conversion too. Also like the 3 green women

Turnip said...

Ah its cool you've completed the set for Marvelbeast, they look great altogether! Nosferatas really good, she looks kinda mean and scary! Aha I know what your next scratch build is but don't worry I won't give it away :P xx

Marvelbeast said...

Wow, cheers mate.

Lily looks fantastic, I knew she would because the first two were top rate :)

Now I have 3 unique figurines and a piece of artwork drawn by the artist from the comic of the game (City of Heroes).

The people I play the game with are really jealous :)

Thanks again mate.

Nosferata is another new one on me but she also looks great.

Mark Taylor said...

Excellent work as always mate

James said...

Thanks guys and turnip. Really glad you like Jap lilly Marvelbeast... Who's next ;) haha