Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Nanny & Orphan Maker

Now for my new scratch build! I wanted to do something different again... Much like my Phoenix Force custom I wanted a new scratch build to share a base... So this is my 11th scratch project: The Nanny and Orphan Maker.

Nanny & Orphan MakerSide

Where ever you see Nanny in the MU Orphan Maker isn't too far behind so a base share was the natural choice.

NannyOrphan Maker

Nanny is 100% scratch built with this begin my first attempt at hands and fingers. Orphan Maker was made from the base of DC's Black Adam.

Their in my display

My next blog post might not be until September... After Mary Marvel. But I'm not sure yet. If it is then expect a BIG update which will also include the MMO of Blood Brother.


Symbiote Sam said...

Superb mate!!!! Nuff said lol

Mark Taylor said...

Super class custom! This has to be my fave of yours along with Brood. Nanny you have captured perfect and I can't believe she is hand made. Keep up the top work.

All the best

Turnip said...

Amazing as always mr, your scratch build cabinet is getting v.full!! Your work is always excellent and exciting plus you can never guess what you're guna make next! xx

Marvelbeast said...

I loved the storyline that she was in but I don't think she will ever make the CMFC, so it's great to see you make her.

They both look so good!

Keep it up :)

Graham Cherry said...

As is the case with alot of your customs, i'd never heard of them! Just had a quick look on comicvine and your scratch builds look very faithful to the original characters. Top work mate!