Saturday, 15 August 2009

To Infinity and Beyonder!

It's that time again when yet another DC figurine falls to my files, clay and paint techniques. This time is was the turn of Guy Gardener. I found this one quite difficult to find a Marvel replacement Especially with Guy Gardeners gimpy smile! .... So welcome The Beyonder!!!

The BeyonderSide view

For me The Beyonder is a risky character to make. As I want an MU collection full of figurines that Eaglemoss won't make and I think The Beyonder is one guy who will one day be in this collection... I mean if we get more and more extensions.

Now a lot of you have noticed that my commission have been closed for sometime now and this is because I'm getting asked to do more fragile and challenging figurines. Which I love doing but the postman does not! Quite a few of my customs sent out to good friends and customers of mine have received their prized custom piece damaged... It's very disheartening when this happens! I package them so well even I don't know how they arrive damaged. So for the time being you can still send me your requests but I'll have to have a think about if and what figurines I make now on as customer pieces.

Damaged face...

[Agent Orange and Mimic both recieved alot of damage]

Luckly I fixed Mimic

Next time look out for the MMO of Blood Brother and also I might show you my latest scratch build... This one is one of my faves... She's quality! Sneak peak below...



Phoenix91 said...

How well to you package your customs? beyonder is cool and I'm looking forward to your next hand made figurine

Marvelbeast said...

Liking the Beyonder. Shame about the breakages in the post. All the figs you've sent me have always arrived in perfect condition and I've been lucky with the CMFC too, only 1 broken in all these years.

Can't tell who the new character is yet but I can see a lot of detail in the belt (Well I think it's a belt)

Take care.

Turnip said...

The Beyonder looks pretty evil haha. Rubbish that some customs arrive damaged I don't know how it happens coz I've seen how much packaging u use! x

James said...

Talking of your customs mate you'll have to email me your address so I can send you Jap Lilly. And yep it's a belt...

Hey phoenix I package them up pretty well - I think! BUt obviously it's not enough to withstand the postman!

Glad you all like and thanks also Turnip. Feels like I aint seen you in ages!!!