Sunday, 27 September 2009

Count Nefaria has landed...

Not a big update this week but as you know The Golden Age Green Lantern hit the shelves this week and as with every other DC figurine I turned him into another person from the MU. This time around I went for the villainous Count Nefaria.

Count NefariaAnother photo

Loved the pose for Green Lantern. It has to be one of my faves so far and I found this a great way to show Count Nefaria in all his glory.

Side shot

I've been having a little rest from customs recently. Many reasons really. But one is Halo ODST! and another Marvel Alliance 2 haha! But next week I will be getting back into the flow of customs again. I have 2 customer requests that I want to get finished very soon and a new scratch build. This scratch would have been my one entry to the SHFF comp. So look out for him!

Next for the DC chop is Cyborg Superman so look out for that!

Friday, 18 September 2009

It's Tombstone vs.Rachel Grey

Been another busy one these past few weeks. but I'm back to business. Last week Shazam Mary was released and just one X-Woman came to mind and that was X-Men's Rachel Grey.

Rachel GreyAgain

I'm trying another approach to painting now! Making some of the lighter colours bolder! It makes the figurine look less battle worn and more fresh!

Also Solomon Grundy was released this week and again one guy came to mind as soon as I saw his sculpt.... I thought I'm gonna have to tidy up his clothes and give him some new hair! So Solomon Grundy is now Tombstone.

TombstoneClose up

The next DC figurine is Golden Age Green Lantern so check back for him and one final thing SHFF are having another Custom Comp and as last year I'm not allowed to enter. SHFF think I will enter through another person but I wont be entering my customs under someone else.... If I was to enter it would be under me - my name! Anyways you all know what my customs look like. Shame as I would have loved to have gone up against some classy customisers... But for a second year you are safe haha!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Brother Blood visits Daimon Hellstrom!!

Hey all! Been a tad busy this week. One reason is because of Batman: Arkham Asylum haha! But I have finally finished the MMO of the latest DC figurine.... Brother Blood! For this conversion I came across a marvel villain named Daimon Hellstrom.
Daimon Hellstrom

I also got around to updating my Buffy to marvel range with Spike taking centre stage this time. I went of another marvel villain under the name of Big Man!

Big ManBig Man from the side

Again I wanted to do something different so as it was my mate Matt's 27th birthday I wanted to give him a unique present... So I turned the King Pin into Matty boy!


Matt with Mini-Matt

I was asked to make another DC figurine for a good bloke over on the Marvel/DC forums named Saintwalker. he originally wanted me to use the base of Spider-Man, which I did. But he wasn't skinny enough so I got hold of Impossible Man. The photos below are of the 2 Saintwalkers.

Spider-man as the baseImpossible Man base

Check back soon for the MMO of Mary Marvel... Who will she become from the MU?