Thursday, 3 September 2009

Brother Blood visits Daimon Hellstrom!!

Hey all! Been a tad busy this week. One reason is because of Batman: Arkham Asylum haha! But I have finally finished the MMO of the latest DC figurine.... Brother Blood! For this conversion I came across a marvel villain named Daimon Hellstrom.
Daimon Hellstrom

I also got around to updating my Buffy to marvel range with Spike taking centre stage this time. I went of another marvel villain under the name of Big Man!

Big ManBig Man from the side

Again I wanted to do something different so as it was my mate Matt's 27th birthday I wanted to give him a unique present... So I turned the King Pin into Matty boy!


Matt with Mini-Matt

I was asked to make another DC figurine for a good bloke over on the Marvel/DC forums named Saintwalker. he originally wanted me to use the base of Spider-Man, which I did. But he wasn't skinny enough so I got hold of Impossible Man. The photos below are of the 2 Saintwalkers.

Spider-man as the baseImpossible Man base

Check back soon for the MMO of Mary Marvel... Who will she become from the MU?


Carnage85 said...

Good work as always. Loving the one of your friend

Turnip said...

You have been a busy boy! i love love love Matt think its wkd!! Such a good idea for a prezzie!! xx

Marvelbeast said...

I really love all of this lot of customs. I'm really hoping we get at least one of each colour for teh Green Lantern line up. I think they'd look great together.

I also like the personal custom of your mate. It looks great and he looks well pleased with it. Not many people can say that they are in the DC or Marvel collection!

Great work on the Angel custom too. I can barely recognise him.

Nintendanboo said...

brother blood, spike and your mate look great.

But Im not that keen on Saint Walker. Pose doesnt sit right with me and the grin doesnt work that well, as Walker aint much of a smiler :P

Sorry though mate, just thats the green lantern geekness of me.

Now no go deleting my comment XD

James said...

Cheers for all the comments! ninty your post is deleted... joke! I kinda agree. My heart dosent really go in to DC figurines (sorry DCU) the only one I have ever enjoyed is Agent Orange as he was an awesome looking guy.

I also noticed saintwalker didn't smile from all the photos I saw haha. but I did try my best as Spider-man wasn't right at all (too fat).

Out of interest bud what base figurine would you think best suited saintwalker?

Nintendanboo said...

dude I used Iceman as I already made one lol minus the extended head as I went of the very first appearance lol Ill post the image on the forum so you know how I did him.

Its still good but just not for me lol sorry dude.

SantaclauS said...

very good works ,I like the one of your friend too,

James said...

It don't matter ninty bud if you don't like him :D - I will go check yours in a mo.

Thanks santa for the cool words. Do you have any new customs?

Nintendanboo said...

hahaha its not that I hate it dude, its just not for me thats all.

you see mine on the forum dude??

James said...

Seriously bud I don't mind :D anyways will go check your work in a mo.

You still keeping your blog?

Marvelbeast said...

I've got a feeling that Mary might be an Amalgam character I've been chasing you to do for ages. The pose would suit both the character and being on a rooftop.

James said...

Hey Marvelbeast mate I'd love to say your right but... It's not her! It is an X-Woman though.... and soon I will do a figurine for Amazon.

Oh and she is a prefer rooftop fig your right :D