Sunday, 27 September 2009

Count Nefaria has landed...

Not a big update this week but as you know The Golden Age Green Lantern hit the shelves this week and as with every other DC figurine I turned him into another person from the MU. This time around I went for the villainous Count Nefaria.

Count NefariaAnother photo

Loved the pose for Green Lantern. It has to be one of my faves so far and I found this a great way to show Count Nefaria in all his glory.

Side shot

I've been having a little rest from customs recently. Many reasons really. But one is Halo ODST! and another Marvel Alliance 2 haha! But next week I will be getting back into the flow of customs again. I have 2 customer requests that I want to get finished very soon and a new scratch build. This scratch would have been my one entry to the SHFF comp. So look out for him!

Next for the DC chop is Cyborg Superman so look out for that!


Jacadoo said...

Hi Buddy although I'm not familure with the character, I have to say a fantastic custom.

Where does your knowledge of all the characters come from?

Also shame you cannot enter the SHFF comp - your not alone, me either.

James said...

Hey mate cheers for the comment. I remember alot of characters from the MU in the days I was a crazed comic book collector. I used to spend a fortune on comics! I also collected all the trading cards and now i use this to refresh my mind on future customs.

I also have a website I use - which is ace for photos of the lesser known characters.

It's a shame abouth the comp as your work it quality and very original and I can't see why you can't enter? I can't see why I can't enter either???

Marvelbeast said...

Wow, that was quick! I didn't even get a chance to comment on Rachael and Tombstone. Both great customs.

Liking the latest one too. I've heard of the last few characters you've made, so I'm amazed :)

You really know that you've teased me with the idea of seeing Amazon on a rooftop now. The reason I thought that Mary Marvel was going to be her was because something about the sculpt looked right for Amazon. But I think she may be too small a figurine for the character.

How many Amalgam characters have you made so far? I'm not even sure of how many there was in total.

James said...

Don't worry bud I will get down to doing Amazon but first you gotta send me your addy as Japanese Voilet is waiting in my cabinet for you to own her haha!

From Amalgam so far all I have done is the rooftop Darkclaw. Not got any plans to do anymore right now but my next one will deffo be Amazon

Bobbyvjay said...

Jacadoo why cant you enter the SHFF comp?? we don't have that many banned members and your name rings no bells with me. I can double check if you like?

After seeing pips Count Nefaria and now yours he would make a good addition to the CMFC. any chance of a closer pic of his upper half pointed down at bit so I can see it more clearer?

James said...

A pic of his face you mean yeah? Ok I'll add it on my next post. So sometime next week.

As far as I know mate Jacadoo got questioned if the customs he'd enter into the comp would be his... hinting that I would enter through him. Which will not and never will be the case.

It's good to have fresh new talent and people who have never entered before join up for this new one.

Do you have a photo of Pips Count Nefaria?

Bobbyvjay said...

Ideal thanks. There should be no problem with jacadoo entering then. You have a style of your own so hope someone would notice if it did happen lol. I know members needed 15 posts before the 7/09/09 not sure if that is the problem?

Think I could find a pic on his crib but have no idea how to post it here? will ask him if he minds me posting it to.

Mark Taylor said...

You've captured Count superbly ace. GL was a perfect base. I'll second bobby for a close up photo.

Also any news on my custom?

Bobbyvjay said...

let see if this works? Pips Nefaria 12/05/09. Last year I would not have wanted him in the CMFC, but when you see how he could look I think he would great in the collection.


James said...

Cheers for the images Bobby! but I can't see them... Knowing what pippin can do I know count will be very good.

Cheers though for trying to post these to me

Archangelsr said...

Heres Pips Count for youto look at.

James said...

Thanks he's very good. very different from mine. I went for his original look/costume: