Friday, 18 September 2009

It's Tombstone vs.Rachel Grey

Been another busy one these past few weeks. but I'm back to business. Last week Shazam Mary was released and just one X-Woman came to mind and that was X-Men's Rachel Grey.

Rachel GreyAgain

I'm trying another approach to painting now! Making some of the lighter colours bolder! It makes the figurine look less battle worn and more fresh!

Also Solomon Grundy was released this week and again one guy came to mind as soon as I saw his sculpt.... I thought I'm gonna have to tidy up his clothes and give him some new hair! So Solomon Grundy is now Tombstone.

TombstoneClose up

The next DC figurine is Golden Age Green Lantern so check back for him and one final thing SHFF are having another Custom Comp and as last year I'm not allowed to enter. SHFF think I will enter through another person but I wont be entering my customs under someone else.... If I was to enter it would be under me - my name! Anyways you all know what my customs look like. Shame as I would have loved to have gone up against some classy customisers... But for a second year you are safe haha!


Turnip said...

Hey mr, cool customs as usual, i like tombstone! Shame about comp but don't worry as long as you have your blog its all good! xx

Mark Taylor said...

Good one mate. Lovin' Rachel Grey. She should be in the collection by eaglemoss!!!

Comp, smomp it's all rigged anyways lol