Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Times are a changin'...

As always I'll start with the latest DC victim: Posion Ivy! An amazing pose for a top Villain in the DCU but she still has to become a Marvel figurine. So I chose the White Tiger.

White TigerSide-View

Also here is one of my final commission pieces. This is Dr. Nemesis for a good friend of mine Martin! I hope you like him buddy.

Dr. NemesisSide

Thought I'd post two close up photos of my latest 2 customs faces. So here is White Tiger and Dr. Nemesis.

White Tiger

Dr. Nemesis

As some of you have probabily noticed on Facebook etc.. My life has changed now. When you're so totally devoted to one thing and on the verge of taking your life to the next level you think of the future and how great things will be! But as I found this isn't always the case and that future is no longer the one I'd had wished. So recently I've been going alittle crazy and this has made me view life (my life) is a new way. You only live once! But what does this have to do with my customs... Well I am no longer going to do any commissions for anyone - sorry (Jimbob & Woza's I'll still do your requests)! I don't have the time. I will however continue to do the DC-Marvel range as I did promise myself that I would turn every DC figurine to Marvel. The blog updates will be less frequent though.

As for my 'would have been' entry to the competition on SHFF. I've not made one. But it most likey would have been My Nanny/Orphan Maker custom.

In the words of The Black-Eyed Peas:
Let’s live it up...Here we come...Here we go...We gotta rock...Easy come...Easy go...Now we on top...Feel the shot...Body rock...Rock it don’t stop!

Me and my Buds

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Baaaa Humbug!!

This week it's the turn of DC's Cyborg Superman. I've always had a character in mind for him and that was Marvels Humbug!

HumbugAnother view

Cyborg Supermans pose was the spit of the original Supermans pose (DC figurine model #2) so basically it was like re-doing another Superman. Some of the cyber bits on this figurine did prove useful when making this custom though. But it's a shame that Cyborg Superman didn't have a unique pose.

Here's a photo of Count Nefaria my last DC-Marvel custom. This time it's a closer shot of his face.

Count Nefaria

Next time check my overdue customer pieces (whoops) and also what Marvel fate awaits the superb Posion Ivy!!