Saturday, 10 October 2009

Baaaa Humbug!!

This week it's the turn of DC's Cyborg Superman. I've always had a character in mind for him and that was Marvels Humbug!

HumbugAnother view

Cyborg Supermans pose was the spit of the original Supermans pose (DC figurine model #2) so basically it was like re-doing another Superman. Some of the cyber bits on this figurine did prove useful when making this custom though. But it's a shame that Cyborg Superman didn't have a unique pose.

Here's a photo of Count Nefaria my last DC-Marvel custom. This time it's a closer shot of his face.

Count Nefaria

Next time check my overdue customer pieces (whoops) and also what Marvel fate awaits the superb Posion Ivy!!


Ninty said...

no clue who he is but looks good. keep it up :)

Mark Taylor said...

james! Yet another very original custom! Great job. he reminds me a little of Guyver!?!

Bobbyvjay said...

Nice work on Humbug and thanks for the better pic of the count.

Guyver! how cool a custom would that be =D

James said...

Cheers guys! yeah I thought that Mark about Guyver when I was making humbug. I used to be a massive fan back in the day when the cartoon was on Sky tv.

Guyver is an ace hero :D

Chris Towell said...

Wow Amazing, Humbug is fantastic, brilliant quality. I wants one even though I don't know who he is!

SantaclauS said...

i don't know him , but it's a fantastic work ..