Friday, 11 December 2009

The 6 rejects!

Hey I've not been about alot as you have most probabily noticed. I thought I'd share with you my 6 rejected custom pieces from this years SHFF comp! Rejected again... I know haha! Shockin'!!!! This year I made no scratch builds, I just stuck to normal re-modeling. Here they are:

First up are my first 2: Graviton & American Dream

GravitonMiss America

My next 2 are: Mach IV & Holocaust

Mach VIHolocaust

The final 2 are not a standard figurine! These are: DC's Ares & Rooftop Songbird!



Would have loved these guys and gal to enter but nevermind! Would have been a nice ending to Ace Customs! I made this lot around the time of the comp so no way are these new customs of mine just new to show off to you lot. I've completely lost my urge and patience to paint and sculpt any more as I just love partying 24/7!

4 bottles are better than one!

Had some blinding nights out with some truely quality mates! Theses collections (Marvel/DC) may be ace but don't live your life for these lil lead figurines, get out there and truely live your life!!!

And finally! I plan just one more figurine.... I want it to be my final, final piece! It's called 'The fall of a paranoid king' featuring Shuma-Gorath!!!!