Monday, 24 October 2011

Update: 2011

About time I did an update! It's been years since I picked up a paint brush and created a new/unique custom but that's not to say that I don't collect the CMFC, as I do and I still enjoy getting the boxes through the post every month, crammed with some ace figurines (not all the time though... as some figurines are really badly painted... Slap Dash anyone?!?)

Here's some photos of my collection... Also you'll see some of my old customs mixed in there!

[Photos soon]

I personally don't have time to do anything but collect the CMFC as my life is quality ATM! Lush house, ace little dog and a gorgeous fiance!

THE SHFF.... There at it again! STILL!!!!

On the subject of customs I've heard and seen that the SHFF are in no way still bitter vile middle aged men.. Who am I kidding... Course they are haha!!! I saw a recent post on the SHFF where an old friend of mine posted a picture of a custom I made him. The custom was ROM. I made this years ago. But according to SHFF you are not allowed to show a banned members customs under rule 12!!!! So I am now actually a rule? Let's look at rule 12:

12. Staff decisions on disciplinary action are not to be questioned on the forum and will not be tolerated. If you have a question or a concern over an action - please PM a staff member.

I read a post by the legend that is Zombula saying that rule 12 is that you can't show a custom figurine by a banned member! Where does it say that? I also read this post by another brain-washed member in reply to some members on the SHFF saying that the rule is ridiculous (totally agree):

"The custom you posted a picture of was made by a member that has been banned - thus any work by this member is not allowed / permitted to be shown on the forum."

So Rule 12 should be re-named: Ace! You must not acknowledge his existence! Or you'll be blasted down publicly in front of everyone and eventually banned... Oh and maybe accused to being me (Ace) as a final insult!

Here's the usual post from the Police on SHFF... Quoted from my good buddy Artificial Idiot.. I mean Complete Idiot:

It's not an obsession - It's a simple wish by the forum staff not to promote the work of a member who has caused us, and the forum community, a great deal of stress and discomfort through his actions. I'm genuinely sorry if you can't understand that, but as one of the staff members who worked to uncover the shenanigans of said member - I really don't appreciate the implications in this post.

The highlighted bit.... Really? Haha! Gotta laugh! In the past I've had my Brood, Shuma-Gorath and Spot etc.. posted on SHFF by normal users with similar things happening to the posters.

I personally think Eaglemoss have given SHFF too much input and say in the CMFC. EM you don't need their help to sell this product! Heck it's Marvel! Does Marvel need help to sell an ace army of superheroes/villains sculpts? It's beyond me and EM if your reading this please pull out from SHFF otherwise the collection will be renamed The SHFF-MFC... But from what I read/hear and see it already is!

My last rant on the SHFF! The recent SHFF exclusive poll which I was banned from, even after Dan from the official blog asked everyone to play nice and allow votes to be casted... As we all at the end of the day collect and enjoy this collection. But to cut a long story short I'm already on the SHFF.. Hear that Grim and Grim's followers? I'm still an active user on there and yes I did cast a vote!!!!! But I only voted after I was told on the official blog that I wasn't allowed to enter, so it was your own doing. I've been on your forums since the old place went down and I got in though the back door!!! So yep don't trust all your staff members old friend haha!

I love stirring up the SHFF wasp nest ;) - now lets see the insults!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Choas Dimension...!!!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile!!! I've not picked up a brush in years... I've since got my own place, got a lovely GF living with me and also have a quality puppy called: Max! I still am an avid collector of the CMFC and have a whole room for them to be displayed in. I just wanted to do a post on the past! Looking back at some of my greatest 'scratch builds'.

Of course my first was Shuma-Gorath and with him being an easy sculpt I made three incarnations of him. A normal special size, a rooftop version and a vs. figurine of him where he battles Dr. Strange!

My next BIG scratch build which went down really well was of a Brood drone!

The last 2 final pieces that I love still today are my Dark Phoenix Super-Special and a two-on-one base of Orphan Maker and Nanny!

For all my older models please check my custom gallery of any old blog posts... I'll soon add a photo of my little family and of course my CMFC display.