Friday, 28 January 2011

Choas Dimension...!!!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile!!! I've not picked up a brush in years... I've since got my own place, got a lovely GF living with me and also have a quality puppy called: Max! I still am an avid collector of the CMFC and have a whole room for them to be displayed in. I just wanted to do a post on the past! Looking back at some of my greatest 'scratch builds'.

Of course my first was Shuma-Gorath and with him being an easy sculpt I made three incarnations of him. A normal special size, a rooftop version and a vs. figurine of him where he battles Dr. Strange!

My next BIG scratch build which went down really well was of a Brood drone!

The last 2 final pieces that I love still today are my Dark Phoenix Super-Special and a two-on-one base of Orphan Maker and Nanny!

For all my older models please check my custom gallery of any old blog posts... I'll soon add a photo of my little family and of course my CMFC display.



Vick said...

Wauw! Awesome work! I myself want to learn how to make those one day. ;P

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James said...

Cheers vick. As long as you have the determination you can do anything :D

Coach Boots thanks haha!

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Peskblog said...


The first, your work is genial.

And second, I have two problems with my customs.

May you see file the hair and the figure may to be bald?

My putty isn´t hard after 2 days.

Thanks and Bye!

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