Thursday, 3 May 2012

2012 is a sweet sweet year!

Hello everyone. This is just a blog update for those of you who are still interested in what I've been upto since my last update! Customs wise... Still nothing! Sorry! But I did pick up a paintbrush recently and made my very own Scarlet Spider costume for my 30th Birthday Marvel bash. I painted his belt...

My Marvel Birthday bash was incredible! Everyone who attended put in so much effort and they all looked amazing! As I said before I went as the Scarlet Spider. But others to notice are my Fiance - Marie, she came as Ms. Marvel, My sister Wasp and my Dad even came, as a very black Nick Fury!

I had an incedible night full of Marvel party games (all hosted by me) a big screen set up playing Thor and Iron Man movies and having all my best mates there was amazing! A month after the big Marvel party event I managed to get tickets to see The Avengers on 26th April 2012.... Nine of us went and the film was absolutely amazing! I've since seen it again and plan to go one last time. HULK smashed big time! Roll on the next Marvel Studios film - which I believe to be Iron Man 3!

2012 is certainly my best year so far, what with my 30th and Avengers finally hitting the cinema... And in afew months I have my wedding to look forward to! I can't wait for it.... The honeymoon too!

My fiance is incredible, she's everything to me and I'm so excited to see what life throws our way. Life is good and the CMFC is still in the spare room showing off all its glory! I'm still holding out for an Onslaught figurine!